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dbJR’s Pel-i-can in Flight

$299.99 $199.99


Part of the GDC 30  Challenge .   You get a free frame, free shipping ( continental U.S. only) and the monthly charity gets 30% of the profits!

ART is on metal and measures 24 x 20 inches.


Limited Edition. Signed and Numbered.  Currently on display in  ARTPOP, Magnetic  Gallery.

This is a personally inspiring piece.  This is from “The Rescue series.” it is a  injured pelican rescued in Florida.  I observed this beautiful creature for hours. The determination to fly again was the only thing in her eyes. This is the piece that also started the GDC 30% campaign. Thirty percent of the profits are going to straight to charities.  The goal is to rehabilitate and release and then rescue more. Their are so many wonderful organizations that I don’t need start a new one so I am going to raise money and awareness. If you have any that you admire please let me know and we will add them to the list.


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